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wordpress backupBackUpWordPress is a free and powerful plugin to back up your website automatically.

BackUpWordPress will back up up your entire site including your database and all your files on a schedule that suits you.

In this blog post, we'll show you how to use BackUpWordPress to keep your WordPress site safe.

Download and Install

  • In your admin area, go to Plugins >> Add New
  • In the Search field type "BackUpWordPress" and click Search Pugins.
  • Find BackUpWordPress >> click Install Now. Activate the plugin.

Change backup settings

Now let's go and setup BackUpWordPress to create daily backups for us.

Go to Tools >> Backups and change settings depending to your needs.

  1. Backup: Database only.
  2. Schedule: Once Daily
  3. Number of backups to store on this server: 14 (that will give us 2 weeks of backups)
  • To generate a backup right now click on the "Run now" button.

Restore a backup

Download an existing backup by going to Tools >> BackUpWordPress >> Backups Completed >> Download. The backups generates a zip file that contains a sql file, please decompress this file.

Import sql file in phpMyAdmin >> Import >> Browse file >> Continue. If everything is fine you will have your website restored.

Important: you may need to change the url and table preffix (by default is wp_) in sql file before importing into phpMyAdmin. This depends if you're moving to a new domain.

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