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I first used BackupBuddy about 4 years ago. At the time I was using it as a migration tool because it had excellent built-in search and replace tools. Over the years I’ve kept my eye on the plugin and watched it grow from a rudimentary backup plugin to an extremely powerful tool that integrates with a variety of other plugins.

I’ve actually been using BackWPup on my own site for some months now, and it got me thinking that I should review other options, so I recently did tutorial series on both BackWPup and BackupBuddy.

BackWPup has been working fine for me, but I broke one of my own backup rules; I never tested my backups, doing a restore.  During the video series I came to the part where we do a restore, and I discovered that BackWPup has no restore functionality at all.

Now, that’s not a huge problem for me, because I’m comfortable doing manual database restores and copying files back to the server. However, this isn’t very user friendly for your average user.

In the process of reviewing BackupBuddy I realized how much further it has come from I used 4 years ago.

Getting Started with BackupBuddy

Here's our introduction to BackupBuddy:

Remote Storage

Keeping your backups on a server other than your web site is pretty important. BackupBuddy now lets you make those remote backups, but even better it offers its own remote backup space with a free tier. It’s called Stash. It’s super simple to do this now, there’s no reason not to.

Whole Site Restoring

It used to be that you had to upload both a backup file as well as a php file, AND manually delete your database tables to do a whole site restore.  Now all you have to do is upload that one php file and it can access your remote storage and recover from there.

Single File Restore

This is huge. As far as I know, no other backup plugin allows for this.  Right within the plugin user interface you can open a backup file, browse through the contents, and restore any number of single files or folders. Far more often do I find that I accidentally deleted one file and need to get it back than I find the need to restore my entire site.


I know I must sound like a fan boy for BackupBuddy.  It’s partly true, I’m a huge fan.  But the reason I’m a fan is that I think it’s truly the best backup plugin on the market.  It’s not free, but I think it’s worth it.

Click here for our complete class on using BackupBuddy.

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