Is a Website Using WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal?

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wordpress joomla drupalThe following tutorial will show you a quick way to check if a site is built with WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal.

Using the technique, you can also quickly see some of the other technologies used for the site.

Let's get started.

Install Wappalyzer


Go to the Wappalyzer download page and install Wappalyzer for your browser. The process will be relatively automatic and quick.

Check Wappalyzer


Once installed, it's as simple as navigating to a web page and clicking the Wappalyzer icon. For example, the above screenshot shows what Wappalyzer displays for

Other Useful Ways to Check

BuiltWith is another useful way to check, which is very similar similar to Wappalyzer.

If you're using WordPress we have other ways to check:

If you're using Drupal, we also have multiple ways to check:

I hope this tutorial was helpful, saves you time, and makes browsing the internet a bit more is fun quickly seeing what technologies power sites. You'd be surprised that many are ones that you're familiar with.

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