How to Set FileZilla to Open and Edit Files with Notepad++

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How to Set FileZilla to Open and Edit Files with Notepad++

How to set FileZilla to view and edit code files with Notepad++

When installing and using FileZilla FTP client for the first time, it won't allow you to right-click files and instantly edit them using code editors, like Notepad++.

You want to quickly open and edit your PHP or SQL file but FileZilla won’t let you. In this tutorial, you will learn how to set your FileZilla to open and edit files in Notepad++ code editor.

If you are a beginner website builder, FileZilla is a free desktop program that allows you to transfer files and folders between your desktop and your remote website.

Such programs are most commonly called "FTP clients". You can download FileZilla for Windows, Linux or Mac from the FileZilla project website.

Notepad++ is a code editing program, like Microsoft's text editor Notepad. Only with Notepad++ you have much more useful options to work with the code.

Once you have downloaded and installed FileZilla on your desktop, follow the steps below. For the purpose of this tutorial, I will be working on my Windows PC.

Your task is to tell your FileZilla installation where it can find your Notepad++ files. Firstly, you will learn how to get your Notepad++ path. Then you paste it into your FileZilla.  Let's get started.

Step #1. Locate Your Notepad++ Shortcut Path

  • On your Windows desktop, right-click the Notepad++ shortcut and then click Properties:

click properties

  •  You will see the Properties screen. Copy the path from the Target box:

13 copy the path from the target box

You are now ready to set this path in your FileZilla.

Step #2. Set Your Notepad++ Path in FileZilla

  • Launch FileZilla from your Windows Start menu:

launch your filezilla

You will see the FileZilla screen:

filezilla screen

  • In the left top corner, go to Edit > Settings:

go to edit settings

  • You will see the Settings screen. Click File Editing > Filetype associations:

file editing file associations

 You will see the Filetype associations box.

  1. For PHP files, copy the Notepad++ path into the File associations box with "php" (without double quotes marks) in front of the path
  2. Uncheck the Inherit system's filetype associations checkbox
  3. Click OK

copy the path from the target box

  • Repeat the last three steps for any other file type you may need to open in FileZilla. 

To test the result, connect to your server and right-click a file displayed by FileZilla.

rightclick file click edit

You will see the file opened up in Notepad++ ready for editing:

file ready for editing in notepad

Congratulations! You can now right click your php files and open them with your Notepad++ code editor!

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