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WordPress IntermediateOver the last few months we've been releasing some shorter mini-courses with 10 to 12 sessions.

Still, sometimes it feels great to just release a huge, blockbuster class. That's what we've done with our new WordPress Intermediate class. This is a super-sized WordPress class.

This WordPress Intermediate Class really is a comprehensive guide for you to get more from your WP site.

What does it cover? Here's the complete list: 

WordPress Intermediate Class Content


  • WordPress Intermediate Introduction

Getting WordPress to Run Locally

  • Run WordPress Locally on Your Mac
  • Run WordPress Locally on Your PC
  • Using Real Content


  • Enabling Multisites
  • Multi-sites: Starting Your Network

Getting More Out of WordPress

  • Posting Via Email
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Testing Your Site Speed
  • Speed Up Your Site

Getting More With Themes

  • Simple Theme Edits - HTML and PHP
  • Simple Theme Edits - CSS
  • Overview of Theme Frameworks
  • Creating a Simple Child Theme

Getting Social with WordPress

  • Managing Comments with DISQUS
  • Overview of BBPress Discussion Board System
  • Overview of Twitter Widget Pro

Getting Money with WordPress

  • Overview of E-Commerce
  • Cart66 Settings
  • Cart66 Administration
  • Cart66 Front End

Getting Custom Content with WordPress

  • Introduction to Custom Content Types
  • Easy Custom Content Types - Metabox
  • Easy Custom Content Types - Taxonomies
  • Easy Custom Content Types - Admin Area Column Editor

Getting Interactive with WordPress

  • Introduction to Gravity Forms
  • Gravity Forms - Advanced Fields
  • Query Posts - Getting Content in Your Sidebar
  • Widget Logic - Choosing Pages Where Widgets Show Up
  • Configuring SMTP to Send Email
  • Subscribe2 - Letting People Subscribe to Your Content
  • Podcasting
  • Restricting Access to Your Content
  • Alternative Search - YoLink
  • Finding and Fixing Broken Links

Getting Statistics from WordPress

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics - Dashboard Widget
  • Overview of JetPack - Statistics for WordPress

Summary for the Course

  • Final Summary

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