New Video Class: Why Drupal?

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Why DrupalIn this week's new Drupal class, Rod Martin helps you consider if Drupal is right for your next web project.

If you're new to Drupal, this class will give you an overview of what to expect.

Drupal is a feature-rich, robust and powerful solution for building websites, used by the White House, Ivy League Schools, businesses and non-profits all over the world.

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This is the 37th Drupal 7 class in our library! Click here to see the full list of Drupal classes.

An Introductory Video for the Why Drupal Class

Outline of the Why Drupal Class

  • Introduction
  • it's Open Source, It's Free
  • It's Flexible
  • Fantastic for BIG Projects
  • Friendly, Sociable, Searchable
  • Safe and Secure
  • If You Need More, There's More!
  • Need Help? There's a Great Community
  • Large and Experienced Companies
  • Taxonomy
  • Drupal is Everywhere
  • Quiz

How to Take the Why Drupal Class

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About the author

Rod holds two masters degrees and has been training people how to do "things" for over 25 years. Originally from Australia, he grew up in Canada and now resides just outside Cincinnati, Ohio.