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How to Use the WordPress REST API

If you are a WordPress developer, you need to learn about the WordPress REST API. This is the new feature that will define working with WordPress in the future.

Luckily for you, this week's new class is "How to Use the WordPress REST API"!

It’s going to become a required tool for building the best WordPress solutions. With it, you’ll exceed your client’s expectations and redefine what they think WordPress can do. That’s why the big sites and enterprise development agencies are already using it. The future of WordPress is the WordPress REST API, don’t get left behind.

This class is divided into four sections:

  • Introduction to the REST API: you'll learn to imprpve themes with the REST API and jQuery AJAX.
  • REST API Authentication basics: you'll create a front-end post editor and user profile editor with the REST API.
  • Customizing the REST API: you'll modify and custom new responses from the REST API.
  • Building apps with the WordPress REST API: you'll build a custom app with the REST API and AngularJS.

How to take the WordPress REST API Class

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