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Here at OSTraining, we teach Drupal, Joomla, WordPress and touch on other software such as Magento. All of these platforms use MySQL as their default database.

phpMyAdmin is free software, written in PHP, which makes it easy to manage your MySQL databases. phpMyAdmin is a very reliable tool when you need to directly access the data in your database.

This week's class shows you how to install and use phpMyAdmin. This class will be a huge help to you, if you use any PHP-based software.

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An Introductory Video for the phpMyAdmin Class

Outline of the Introduction to phpMyAdmin Class

  • Introduction
  • Installation
  • Review of SQL
  • Creating Tables
  • Creating Tables Part 2
  • Browse
  • Browse Part 2
  • Search
  • Insert
  • Import and Export
  • Operations
  • Introduction to phpMyAdmin Quiz

How to take the Introduction to phpMyAdmin Class

If you're already an OSTraining member, you can click here to take the Introduction to phpMyAdmin class.

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