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Magento 2 Explained

Do you need to build an eCommerce site with Magento? 

Today, we're delighted to say that "Magento 2 Explained" is coming soon.

This book will teach everything you need to know to make a Magento 2 site. 

Magento has a reputation for being a complex platform, but we've successfully explained similar software before with Drupal, Joomla and MySQL. This book will be a fun and straightforward beginners guide to Magento 2.

How to Get Magento 2 Explained

We aim to release the book in 2018.

Magento 2 Explained will initially available to OSTraining Book Club members.

Yes, the launch is a little unusual, but I'd ask you to read this post about the OSTraining Club. With your support, we can ensure more books like this are available for our open source projects.

A little while later, it will also be available from Amazon and other book-sellers.

Join the OSTraining Book Club

A huge thank you to Nexcess

When writing about the OSTraining Book Club launch, we said that sponsorship was a key part of this new business model.

Magento 2 Explained was made possible by the support of Nexcess, who specialize in hosting Magento sites.

Since 2000, Nexcess has developed an outstanding team and excellent technology. Whether you're a Magento operator bent on maximizing revenue with their famous 13X performance boost, or a WordPress fanatic that rests easy having an expert care team that understands how to scale with your success; Nexcess is the right host for you.

Check them out at Nexcess.net.


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