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Build a Drupal Magazine Site

Managing content is one of Drupal's greatest strengths, so in this week's new class we decided to build a site that focuses very heavily on content. Robert, our Drupal teacher, shows you how to build a magazine website, complete with issues and scheduled articles.

During the 16 videos in this class, Robert introduces a number of popular Drupal modules, including Views, Pathauto, Devel, Scheduler and Entity Views Attachments.

Take this class and Robert will show you how to build a robust, content-focused Drupal site.

Outline of the Build a Drupal Magazine Site Class

  • Introduction
  • Setup
  • Setup Part 2
  • Issues
  • Issues Part 2
  • Entity Views
  • Entity Views Part 2
  • URL Alias
  • Published Field
  • Generate Nodes
  • The Homepage
  • The Homepage, Part 2
  • The Carousel
  • The Issues Page
  • Scheduling Content
  • Summary
  • Build a Drupal Magazine Site Quiz

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