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Drupal 7 Development by ExampleEvery month, OSTraining members get a new, professional-quality book to download.

The book for December is "Drupal 7 Development by Example" by Kurt Madel.

This is a hands-on, example-driven guide to programming Drupal websites.

As you follow the book, you build a fully functional recipe sharing website as you learn how to code for Drupal. 

This 360-page book normally lists for $50. You get it for free if you're an OSTraining member.

About Drupal 7 Development by Example

Drupal 7 Development by Example Beginner's Guide has numerous code examples that will not only introduce new Drupal 7 development concepts, but will give you the skills needed to build a world-class Drupal website.

By following the development of a recipe-sharing, e-commerce site, you will quickly and easily get your own Drupal site up and running.

Starting from a solid Drupal 7 development environment, this book will show you how to extend Drupal with front-end code using Ajax, jQuery, PHP., HTML5 and CSS3.

Using the example of an e-commerce and social networking site, this book will develop your Drupal programming skills so that you will be capable of developing advanced code good enough to be shared with the Drupal community.

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