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securityIt's hard to think of a more important topic than keeping your site safe and secure.

So, we're pleased to say that our new Joomla security class is now live, and it is freely available for the public.

In this class we show you how to keep your Joomla site and extensions up-to-date. We also show you how to take backups with Akeeba Backup and explain how to restore your site from those backups. We then cover the Admin Tools extension which provides numerous extra security features.

Over time we aim to build out class, adding sessions on the Secure Live extension, working with SSL certficiates and more.

Here's the syllabus for the class.

General Site Security

  • Updating Your Joomla Site
  • Updating Your Joomla Extensions
  • Disabling and Deleting Extensions

Security Through Backups

  • Making Local Backups
  • Making Remote Backups
  • Restoring Your Joomla Site from a Backup

Security With AdminTools

  • Introduction to Admin Tools
  • Admin Tools Settings and Monitoring
  • Additional Security Through htaccess

Click here to watch our complete Joomla Security class.

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