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joomladay-bostonSome events are really well timed.

Joomla Day Boston is one of those events. It's taking place in Boston on Saturday, March 16th.

The next day is St. Patricks Day and there are few places better to celebrate that day than Boston.

We have free tickets available for Joomla Day Boston and also for Joomla Day Guatemala in April.

Free tickets and free training

Free tickets ... We're sponsoring both and have free tickets to give away. If you'd like to attend either Joomla Day Boston or Joomla Day Guatemala just post in the comments and tell us which event you'd like to attend. On March 8th, we'll pick the winners at random.

Free training ... Everyone at Joomla Day Boston will get a one month free trial to OSTraining.com. Simply look inside your gift bag at the event.

Event details

Joomla Day Boston:

Joomla Day Guatemala:

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