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WordPress DeveloperFlag is an incredibly flexible module.

You can use Flag so your visitors can bookmark content and save it for later.

You can use Flag so your visitors can label comments as being offensive.

You can use Flag to create a voting system to upvote and downvote content.

When you learn how Flag works, you’ll find uses for it again and again.

Flag Module Introduction Video

Flag Module Class Syllabus


  • Introduction to Flag
  • Installation


  • Creating a Flag to Bookmark Content
  • Creating the My Bookmarks View
  • Flag Quiz 1


  • Creating a Flag for Offensive Content
  • Creating a View to Moderate Offensive Content
  • Remove All Flags When Edited by a Moderator
  • Unpublish Content when Flagged as Offensive Five Times


  • Creating a Flag for Favorite Content
  • Creating a Favorites Block on Profiles
  • Create a Most Favorited Content Page and Block
  • Flag Quiz 2

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