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Drupal Display SuiteLast week we launched our class on the Organic Groups module, which explains how to build a social networking site in Drupal.

This week we launch our class on the Display Suite module.

We've used Panels in our classroom training for years, but it's often overkill for many tasks. We do cover Panels in our Intermediate class, but Display Suite is a nice alternative.

Display Suite is a lighter, easier option that allows you to easily create custom layouts for your content.

Click here to see our class on Display Suite.

What's Next for Our Drupal Classes?

  • We're launching a class on the Simple News module, as part of our partnership with Modules Unraveled.
  • We're diving into the theming in a big way. We're going to flesh our Intermediate class with more theming videos and then turn our attention to a fully-fledged theming class.

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