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How to Develop Joomla Modules

For quite some time, Joomla development has been the most requested topic by OSTraining members.

Today, I'm delighted to release the first of several Joomla development classes. We've worked with Cory Webb, a Joomla developer since 2005, to produce a series of classes on building Joomla extensions.

This first new class is called "How to Develop Joomla Modules". We are starting with modules, the simplest of all Joomla extensions. After this, we'll move on to more classes that cover plugins, components and much more.

These classes will help you to become a Joomla developer. Watch today's class, and you'll learn how to build a complete Joomla module. Cory is going to show you how to build a Random articles module, from start to finish.

What's in the Joomla Module Development class?


  • Introduction to Joomla Module Development
  • How to Set Up a Joomla Development Environment

Module Setup

  • The Files and Folders for a Joomla Module
  • How to Write the XML File for a Joomla Module
  • How to Add Parameters to a Module XML File

The Module Code

  • How to Write the PHP File for a Joomla Module
  • How to Pull Data from Joomla Into a Module
  • How to Create Template Layouts for Joomla Modules
  • How to Create a Helper File for a Joomla Module
  • How to Add Ajax to a Joomla Module


  • Add Language Translations to a Joomla Module
  • How to Package a Joomla Module for Distribution
  • Joomla Module Quiz

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