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New Class: Drupal 8 Search Engine Optimization

In this week's new class, we're going to give you advice on optimizing your Drupal 8 site for search engines.

Watch "How to Improve SEO on Drupal 8 Site" and you'll learn how to set up Clean URLs, Google Analytics, metadata, sitemaps and much more.

This intro video gives you a feel for the class, and introduces you to the SEO Checklist module:

Here's the syllabus of the Drupal 8 SEO class:


  • Introduction to Drupal Search Optimization
  • Optimize Your Drupal Site for Efficiency

URLs and Metadata

  • Setting Up Clean URLs in Drupal
  • Metatags for Drupal Sites  
  • Metatags for Drupal Content
  • Metadata Showing Your Site's Language

Sitemaps and Analytics

  • Creating an XML Sitemap in Drupal
  • Add a Sitemap to Google Search Console
  • Add Google Analytics to Drupal Sites
  • W3C Validation for Drupal Sites

Site Optimization

  • Analyzing Your Content With Yoast SEO  
  • Aggregation to Speed Up Drupal Sites  
  • CDNs, Minification and Javascript Processing
  • An Overview of Drupal 8 SEO
  • Drupal 8 SEO Quiz 

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