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Custom Post Types

One of the reasons Drupal is so flexible is the ability to put content in fields that go beyond just the title and body. Both Joomla and WordPress pages and posts are limited in this way.

When you do need more in your WordPress site, custom post types come to the rescue! Using the excellent plugin by Pippen, its easy to build custom post types, taxonomies, meta boxes and fields, creating an easy-to-use input system for content editors.

In this class, Topher updates his previous tutorial but dives much more deeply into the process of building custom post types.

Outline of the Custom Post Types Class

Part 1

  • Introduction
  • Installing the Easy Content Types Plugin
  • Post Type Options
  • Post Type Supports
  • Post Type Advanced Options
  • Meta Boxes
  • Meta Fields
  • Populating Meta Fields

Part 2

  • Introduction to Taxonomy
  • Using Taxonomies
  • Easy Content Types Settings
  • Post Type Templates
  • Archive Template
  • Editing the Archive Content Template
  • Thumbnails on Archive
  • Editing the Single Template
  • Print Single Meta
  • Print Single Terms
  • Taxonomy Archive
  • Summary
  • Custom Post Types Quiz

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