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CSS part 1

This CSS video class here at OSTraining was one of our oldest tutorials and due for a rebuild.

Rather than just re-create the same class, we decided to go all-in with an enormous new CSS class. Today's "CSS Part 1" release is the first part of an extended introduction to CSS.

In this first class, Barb starts off with the basics of CSS and starts to introduce layouts.

Over the next few week's we'll be releasing more videos in this series and by the time you're done, you'll be able to use CSS effectively in any design project.

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An Introductory Video for the CSS Part 1 Class

Outline of the CSS Part 1 Class

  • Introduction
  • Code Basics
  • Adding Styles to HTML
  • External Stylesheets
  • Using CSS ID's and Classes
  • Specificity in the Cascade
  • Inheritance
  • The Box Model
  • The Box Model Part 2
  • Box Sizing
  • Box Sizing Part 2
  • The Background Element
  • The Background Element Part 2
  • CSS Part 1 Quiz

How to Take the CSS Part 1 Class

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