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Drupal CKEditorOne thing that many people notice when they use Drupal for the first time is that there's no WYSIWYG editor.

Our new video class is going to introduce you to CKEditor, which is the best WYSIWYG add-on for both Drupal 7. CKEditor will also become part of the Drupal 8 core.

CKEditor is a powerful editing tool that makes content creation in Drupal far more flexible and enjoyable.

CKEditor also integrates with modules to improve Drupal's image, file and link handling.

Click here to see the CKEditor video class.

CKEditor Introduction

CKEditor Class Overview


  • Intro to CKEditor
  • Installation and Permissions
  • Global Settings
  • Configuring Profiles


  • Installing the HTML Purifier Module
  • Editor Appearance
  • Configuring Buttons
  • Toolbar and Language Settings
  • Cleanup and Output
  • CSS and Predefined Styles
  • CKEditor Quiz


  • Installing IMCE for File Browsing
  • Configuring the User-1 IMCE Profile
  • Configuring the Sample IMCE Profile
  • File Browser Settings
  • Inserting Images and Files
  • Advanced Options


  • Using Linkit for Linking
  • Configuring Linkit
  • Adding Links
  • CKEditor Advanced Quiz

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