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New Video Class: Build a Drupal SiteOne of the most difficult things for Drupal beginners is understanding how the many pieces fit together.

How do you make sense of Views, Panels, Fields, Content types, Themes and more? Our answer is that you should use a workflow which clearly explains which step to take next.

In all our Drupal classes we use a workflow to make Drupal easier to understand and use.

In our new video class, "How to Build a Drupal Website", Steve teaches you how to use that workflow to build a good-looking Drupal business website in less than 60 minutes.

Outline of the Build a Drupal Site Class

  • Installation
  • Content Types
  • Fields Part 1
  • Fields Part 2
  • Themes
  • Blocks
  • Views Part 1
  • Views Part 2
  • Display Suite
  • Users
  • Quiz

About the author

Rod holds two masters degrees and has been training people how to do "things" for over 25 years. Originally from Australia, he grew up in Canada and now resides just outside Cincinnati, Ohio.