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backupWe're delighted to launch our latest class, "Backup and Migrate".

The Backup and Migrate Module is one of the "must have" modules for any Drupal 7 website.

Brian Lewis from Modules Unraveled shows you how to back up, restore or move your Drupal site.

You'll learn how to schedule regular backups and store backups on Amazon S3, Rackspace and other locations.

An introductory video from the class

Backup and Migrate class syllabus


  • Overview of Backup and Migrate


  • Installation and Your First Backup
  • Advanced Backups
  • Restoring Your Site From a Backup
  • Profiles
  • Scheduling Backups


  • Default Destinations
  • Server Directory
  • MySQL Database
  • FTP Directory
  • Amazon S3 Bucket
  • Email
  • NodeSquirrel


  • Permissions

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