Magento 2 Indexing

If you have a large Magento 2 site, you may well end up with a lot of content.

To stop this content from harming your site performance, you should understand indexing in Magento.

In a nutshell, indexing is Magento's way to store your shop data, such as products, categories, prices, and taxes.

In this video from OSTraining YouTube Video Channel, Rebecca Troth presents to you an overview of Magento 2 indexing and how to manually reindex your Magento 2 website, along with some other useful index management tasks.

Do you have a Magento 2 server installed? Can you login to your Magento 2 server as a user with privileges to write to the Magento 2 file system? If your answer is Yes to both of these questions, then you are ready to get started.

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