DrupalCon Prague Keynote with Aral Balkan

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DrupalCon Prague

The Friday morning keynote at DrupalCon Prague was entitled "Experience Driven Open Source" by Aral Balkan.

Speaking to a room full of very smart "geeks" is a tough challenge. You need to be relevant and speak at the audience's level, but you also need to be interesting and somewhat entertaining - especially on the Friday morning of a DrupalCon!

Aral Balan's keynote certainly fulfilled all of the above criteria. I think you'll find this keynote both challenging and enjoyable.

Aral explains his ideas of designing for the experience in open source and about giving the end user the choice of who owns their data.

Aral's presentation starts around the 5 minute mark. Don't miss the excellent chart around 56 minutes.

You can read a partial transcript here.

Who is Aral Balkan?

Aral Balkan is an experience designer working to change the world by bringing design thinking to open source to create a new category of technology: design‐led open source. His latest initiative, Codename Prometheus aims to design open products that seamlessly combine hardware, software, and services to create beautiful experiences that compete with the likes of Apple in the consumer space.

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