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Joomla 3 Multilingual Sites

The week's new class is Joomla 3 Multilingual Sites. This class teaches you how to build Joomla sites where visitors can easily switch back-and-forth between different languages.

Joomla 3 really is a powerful tool for multilingual sites. Once you understand the power of "associations", you can create sites in multiple languages that are still easy to manage.

In this class, we'll show you how to translate the Joomla core, 3rd party extensions with translations and even those without official translations.

Intro video for the Joomla 3 Multilingual Class

Outline of the Joomla 3 Multilingual Class

  • Introduction
  • Installing a New Multilingual Site
  • Updating an Existing Site
  • Associations
  • Menus
  • Content
  • Core Extensions
  • Clean up
  • 3rd Party Extensions
  • Manual Translations
  • Conclusion
  • Quiz

How to take the Joomla 3 Multilingual Class

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