7 of our favorite presentations from the Joomla World Conference

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favorite-videosThis November was the first Joomla World Conference in California.

There were over 80 presentations at the conference and nearly all of them can now be watched on Joomla's YouTube channel

To save you time, we've picked 7 of our favorite presentations.

These presentations include keynotes and how-tos. They also cover a wide variety of topics, from Mozilla and internationalizing Joomla to Bootstrap and Node.js.

1. Changing the World with Open Source by Pascal Finette

  • Target audience: everyone.
  • Summary: This was one of the keynote presentations and perhaps my favorite of the whole event. Pascal tells the story of Mozilla. He explains a how an non-profit organization, working for the benefit of the whole web, can compete with giants like Microsoft.

2. A Real Responsive Process? by Steve Fisher

  • Target audience: everyone, but particularly professional designers.
  • Summary: It takes a while to get going and there's a few (a lot) of bad zombie jokes, but when this presentation gets going it's full of interesting points about responsive design and web agencies.

3. Lighter Joomla for The Third World by Tito Alvarez

  • Target audience: everyone.
  • Summary: I watched some of all the JWC presentations and this one most was the most surprising and interesting. Starting at the 20 minute mark, Tito has lot of interesting information about being a web designer in the developing world. 

4. Bootstrap for Extension Developers by Andrea Tarr

  • Target audience: everyone. Joomla extension developers.
  • Summary: Andrea Tarr, who's part of the Joomla production team, explains how to use Bootstrap in your Joomla 3 extensions.

5. Node.js and Joomla by Joseph LeBlanc

  • Target audience: developers.
  • Summary: An introduction to Node.js, what it is, and how to integrate it with Joomla. With only a couple of exceptions, all of the code examples are easy to read.

6. You're doing it wrong! Git it right! by Cory Webb

  • Target audience: developers.
  • Summary: A nice introduction the basics of using Git for your development.

7. Is Joomla 3 ready for enterprise? by Victor Drover

  • Target audience: Joomla site builders.
  • Summary: This presentation makes a several interesting points, building up to the one key point at the end. 


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