jUpgrade Undefined Property and Pausing Problems

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Now that Joomla 2.5 is upon us, and support for 1.5 will be going away, the decision to migrate is a hot topic.

Back in July, we wrote a very detailed tutorial on how to migrate using the jUpgrade extension. This tutorial is a follow-up. Migrating large sites can be a tricky task and in this tutorial we'll show you how to overcome two of the most frequently encountered problems with jUpgrade.

Problem 1: Undefined Property Error


Immediately after you click Start Upgrade, you may get the message shown in the image above. This error is especially likely if you are upgrading your development copy on your local computer. The message will look like this:

Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$timelimit in ..... administrator\components\com_jupgrade\includes\jupgrade.class.php on line 156

Here's how to fix the error:


Go to Components, then jUpgrade, then click the Parameters icon.


Change 'disable set_time_limit' option to 'Yes' under jUpgrade parameters. Then retry the migration once more.

Problem 2: jUpgrade stalls when trying to decompress package


You may get the error message "Zip File not found while decompressing package" or the process may stall at this stage and never finishes decompressing the package. Be patient with this step because it can take a while. However, if you wait and wait and see no process, here's how you can fix the problem:


Go to Components, then jUpgrade, then click the Parameters icon. Change the settings so that they match these:

  • Skip Checks = No
  • Skip Download = No
  • Skip Decompress = No

You should now be able to complete the process. If you can't, and you're one of our students, let us know the exact problem and we'll track it down.


Above is a screenshot of the settings I used on a migration of 1.5 to 1.7 on my XAMPP local server. I had no problem with these settings and you might want to use them as a guide if you are having problems.

Be sure to read our free tutorial for complete step-by-step instructions on using jUpgrade. The developers also have a support forum available.

If you have trouble with jUpgrade, there is a commercial alternative SPUpgrade, and we have a tutorial on that as well.