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How to Hide Home Link from Main Menu in Joomla

As websites become larger and more complex, the homepage often becomes less important. The vast majority of your visitors may never see your homepage.

As a result, site owners may need to hide the Home link in their site's navigation. 

In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to hide the "Home" link on your Joomla sites.

Step #1. Find your main menu link

To find out which menu item is your homepage, search for the menu icon with the yellow star icon. Often this will be in Main Menu:

hide home menu item joomla

Step #2. Create a hidden menu

  1. Go to "Menus"
  2. Click "Manage"
  3. Click "Add new menu"
hide home menu item joomla
  • Add a Title such as "Hidden menu" or "Help Menu"
  • Set a Menu type with no spaces
hide home menu item joomla
  • Click "Save and close".

Step #3. Move the home menu item

  • Go to Menus > Main menu.
  • Edit the Home menu item.
  • Set Menu location to the menu you created in the previous step.
hide home menu item joomla
  • Click "Save and close".

Step #4. Check the end result

Refresh your public site to confirm the home page exists, but the link is not displayed in main menu:

hide home menu item joomla

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