Fabrik and Custom Joomla User Registration Forms

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altFabrik is a wonderfully powerful and flexible Joomla extension.

In a previous tutorial we showed you how to use Fabrik to create a contact form. In this tutorial we're going to use Fabrik to create a custom user registration form.

Step 1: Get Fabrik Set Up


Step 2: Add the Form

  • Click on Components > Fabrik > Forms > New to begin your first form.
  • Enter a Label. This will be the name for your form.
  • Set Status to Yes.
  • Scroll down to the Form processing area.
  • Enter a table name. This is where your form entries will be stored in the database. It is best to use only lowercase letters and underscores to create this name.
  • Make sure that Save partially completed multi-page forms is set to No.
  • Click on Save and Close.
  • Click on the Lists tab.
  • Scroll down and click the Advanced drop down, and set Alter existing field types to "No".

Step 3: Add Elements

  • Click on the Elements tab.
  • Click on the -Select form- dropdown and select the form that you just created.
  • Click New and create several elements you'd like on your user registration form.
  • Important Make sure you remember to create a minimum of "Required Fields" from your core joomla user table or else it will not validate. These elements are:
    • Name
    • Username
    • Password
    • Email

Step 4: Link Your Form to Joomla Users

  • Click on "Forms" and click on the name of your user registration form.
  • Click on the "Plug-ins" tab on the right side and click "Add".
  • Select "juser" In "front end" On "new".


  • Match the core Joomla user fields to your existing fields that you created.
  • Remember to click "Yes" for Synchronize Users if you want to import all your current users into this new registration table. To do this, you must have all fields that are being used match your new table or else database errors will occur.

Step 5: Publish and Use the Form

  • Create a new menu item that links to the customized registration form.
  • Click Save and Close.
  • Congratulations! You have made your own custom user registration form!
  • If you'd like to add captcha to your form, you can install the Fabrik Element - Captcha which you can find from updating from Github (http://github.com/fabrik/fabrik) and Purge Cache/Discover/Install. You can then go back into the Elements section and add a new element as "Captcha". 
  • Fill out an entry to see what happens. I will use the name "John Doe".

You can now view the User Manager in your Joomla administrator area and your new user will be there.

You have successfully finished creating a customized user registration form that links with your core Joomla users table!