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Place Modules in Joomla With Advanced Module Manager

One of the things you expect from a modern content management system is a lot of flexibility. Well, Joomla doesn't really give you a lot when it comes to placing modules around your website. Modules are the little bits of information you place around your main content area like menus, sidebars, and footers.

In this video, I'm going to show you an amazing module manager that will transform how you place modules around the outside of your content in your Joomla website using Advanced Module Manager.

I've used this extension for years, and it is terrific. So let's go!

"Hi, I'm Rod Martin, and this is OSTips from OSTraining.

The Advanced Module Manager from Regular Labs is terrific, and there are of course two versions:

  1. The FREE version. This version allows you to assign by menu items the home page and date (which is pretty standard - even Joomla can do that) based on Joomla content tags, user groups, components, templates, urls, devices, operating systems, browsers, and any other module. So even the free version gives you an incredible amount of flexibility.
  2. The PAID version. You get even more.  You can assign modules by seasons, months, days and time, individual users, article custom fields, ip addressing, geolocation, third-party content like zoo and k2, and even custom php.  So if you want the maximum flexibility, the paid version is for you.

In displaying modules on your Joomla website, I don't know of a better extension. For comparison, this is what the built-in module manager looks like.

 Place Modules using Advanced Module Manager for Joomla

If I click on a module and look at the menu assignment, I can assign it on:

  1. all pages
  2. no pages
  3. only the pages selected
  4. on all pages except those selected

And that's about all you can do with Joomla modules out of the box.

By comparison, the Regular Labs module manager allows us to:

  1. update modules
  2. color them
  3. sort

Place Modules using Advanced Module Manager for Joomla

If I want to play with the login module (located in the right position), I have so much more in the way of options. 

  • click on Assignments tab

Once again, I can assign by menu item, home page, date and time, and seasons! I can include Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, or exclude them. I can even update the hemisphere in which I live.

Place Modules using Advanced Module Manager for Joomla

I can schedule them by:

  1. month
  2. days of the week
  3. time

So if I'm a restaurant that has my hours posted daily, I can set up modules and display them based on the days of the week! How cool is that?

If I have a multilingual site, I can display using the Language variable.

I can display by page type, category, or even individual articles, user group levels, and even individual users. So I can display a menu for a particular administrator and not display it for anyone else.

I can display a module by component, templates, url, devices, operating systems, browser, and ip address.

I can say in a particular continent, country, state, or even a zip code postal code, and finally by custom php. There's really no better way to manage and display your modules in Joomla than by using Regular Labs Advanced Module Manager.

I hope this has been helpful. 

Thanks for tuning in today.  This is OSTips from OSTraining, and I'm Rod Martin."

About the author

Rod holds two masters degrees and has been training people how to do "things" for over 25 years. Originally from Australia, he grew up in Canada and now resides just outside Cincinnati, Ohio.