10 Options for Multi-Vendor Shopping Carts

multi-vendorMulti-vendor e-commerce sites are really popular.

Sites such as eBay, Etsy and AliBaba have enormous reach and support with 100,000's of sellers on just one site.

However, multi-vendor sites are also really difficult to build and maintain. E-commerce itself is difficult enough, but when you multiply the number of transactions and vendors, you multiply all of the potential issues.

Still, we often get asked how to set up a multi-vendor site. For our members and our readers, here are options for building a multi-vendor site with open source software.

Note: we haven't tried many of these options. Look at the price tags on some of them and you'll see why. Please approach this as a list of options and not recommendations.

#1. Yo!Kart

  • Link for more information.
  • Price: $250 and up
  • Description: Yo!kart is an e-commerce platform that focused exclusively on setting up multi-vendor stores. They have options for a hosted, managed solution and a self-hosted product that runs on PHP and Apache.

#2. Magento with Marketplace

  • Link for more information.
  • Price: $349 plus your Magento license costs.
  • Description: Magento is perhaps the most popular open-source shopping cart. It is mostly used by medium-to-large companies with money to spend. Marketplace allows multiple vendors to upload and sell products. Vendors can also get reviews and ratings on their products.

#3. OpenCart, Joomla, WordPress with Multi Vendor / Drop Shipper


#4. IXXO, Joomla, WordPress with IXXO Multi-Vendor Edition

  • Link for more information.
  • Price: $1495
  • Description: IXXO is a shopping cart that's available as a stand-alone cart, as a Joomla extension and as a WordPress plugin.

#5. Joomla with Hikashop

  • Link for more information.
  • Price: €179.
  • Description: Hikashop is a popular Joomla e-commerce extension. Multivendor allow other vendors to sell their products in your store.

#6. WordPress with TheCartPress and Marketplace eCommerce


#7. WordPress with GetShopped and Multiple Vendors Plugin


#8. CS-Cart with Multi-Vendor

  • Link for more information.
  • Price: $985
  • Description: CS-Cart is an open source, PHP / MySQL shopping cart and does have a multi-vendor edition.

#9. Drupal with Drupal Commerce

  • Link for more information.
  • Price: Free.
  • Description: Drupal Commerce is a powerful shopping cart system for Drupal. It can be made into a multi-vendor store as detailed here and in the comments below.

#10. Drupal with Ubercart Marketplace


#11. Prestashop with Agile Multiple Seller


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