Discord - To Boost or Not?

Discord is freemium application available on pc, mac, and mobile devices, all you have to do to get started is download the application and create a free account. Although the base model is free, there are upgrades, or "boosts" in the Discord world, such as a Nitro Boosts and a Server Boosts. Nitro boosts effect your own account only, but it moves with you to every server you are a member of. Server boosts on the other hand only apply to the server boosted, but benefit EVERYONE in the server while they are in that specific server whether they have Nitro or not. Following up from my previous blog about Discord for Business, we are going to take a look at both of these offerings from a  business stand point.


Discord Nitro boost explanationDiscord Nitro Boosts

The Nitro boost costs $9.99/month or $99/year (basically giving you two free months if you pay all at once.) Nitro gives your account some cosmetic additions, such as:

  • Custom Discord Tags
  • Animated Avatars
  • Custom Emojis

But the main attraction in Nitro for business people is that the boost gives you some performance enhancements too:

  • 100mb uploads instead of the standard 8mb
  • HD video screenshare and streaming
  • 2 free server boosts (30% off any more server boosts you want to buy while your nitro subscription is active) 

Discord Server Boost ExplanationDiscord Server Boosts

The Server boosts cost $4.99/month each and are a little more complicated; there are three levels for server boosting.

  • First Level Server Boost
    128Kbps audio quality (free discord accounts get 64Kbps-96Kbps) 
    - 720P 60fps video for live streams and screenshares
    The catch is that to reach the "first" level you must buy 2 server boosts (~$10/month).

  • Second Level Server Boost
    - Everything from First Level
    - 256Kbps audio quality
    - 1080P 60fps video for live streams and screenshares
    - 50MB upload limit for file sharing 
    For the second level you must buy 15 server boosts (~$75/month).

  • Third Level Discord Boost
    - Everything from Second Level
    - 384Kbps audio quality
    - 100MB upload limit
    - Vanity URL which some businesses might want this to look more professional
    For the third level you must buy 30 server boosts (~$150/month). 

Remember, a Nitro subscription grants the benefits to just you and a server boost grants it to everyone, but only in the server you choose. So, from a business stand point, you might think that server boosts are the way to go, but Nitro might make more sense.

If you have a team of 15 people, Nitro boosting all of them would give you the 30 server boosts you need to take your server to level three, plus eveyone gets the cosmetic additions and their benefits go with them on other servers. If paying monthly, it is ~$150/month for 15 people or ~$150/month for 30 server boosts. And, if you pay $99/year for all 15, you wind up with it only costing you $99/month for all 15 Nitros.

One other option you might consider is for one person to have Nitro for $99/year and then add on the 28 server boosts needed to upgrade the server with the 30% discount you get with Nitro, so that makes them ~$98/month, so with the $99 you paid for the year, your monthly cost is now ~$107/month. So, it is worth looking at the number of team members you have and what benefits you really need to make the best decision on which way to go with boosts.

So, hopefully this blog will give enough information to descide what would work best for your situation, but if you need more details, Discord has a pretty indepth listing of all the features on their site, you can learn more about Nitro boosts here and Server boosts here.

About the author

Tyler is an OSTraining intern who is currently a Junior at University of Houston studying Communications. He loves online gaming with friends, appreciates live music of all kinds, and enjoys a good fantasy/sci-fi book when he gets a chance.