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Views Calc is useful little Drupal module that allows you to perform calculations inside Views.

Views Calc allows you to perform Count, Sum, Average or Minimum calculations on a single field.

Let's see an example of how Views Calc works. To follow the example, you need both the Views and Views Calc modules to be enabled.

In this example, I created a content type called "Exercise", with a field called "Miles jogged" that allows me to record how far I've run.

Views Calc - Calculations for Your Fields in Views
  • Go to Structure > Views > Add new view.
  • For your Display format, choose "Views Calc Table". Views Calc does only offer the table format.
  • Click Continue & Edit.
  • Add the field you want to perform calculation on:
  • Click "Settings" next to the Views Calc Table format:
  • Under "Column Calculations", check the box labelled "Display calculation".
  • You can now decide which calculation you want to perform on the field. The four options are Count, Sum, Average and Minimum. In this example, I'll choose "Sum".
  • Click Apply all displays.
  • Save the view. You'll now be able to see that Views Calc is working on your table:

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