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drupal sort views alphabeticallyAlphabetical sorting is one of the most common ways people want to sort content in Views.

You may want to sort many types of content from A to Z, from staff members to business listings.

Here's how to add alphabetical sorting to your Drupal views.

Option #1. Create a new view

  • Go to Structure > Views > Add new view.
  • Enter any views settings you want, except for "sorted by". You should choose "Title" for this setting.
  • Click "Continue and Edit".
  • Scroll down to your preview at the bottom of the view. You'll see that your view is sorted alphabetically, but from Z to A.

Now we'll fix the Z to A sorting.

  • Look under "Sort Criteria" and click on "Content: Title (desc).
  • Change "Sort descending" to "Sort ascending":
  • Check the Preview and you'll see that your view is now sorted alphabetically:

Option #2: Changing an existing view

If you want to add alphabetically sorting to an existing view, the process is very similar:

  • Click "Add" next to "Sort Criteria".
  • Search for "Content: Title" or another field that you want use for alphabetical sorting.
  • Choose "Sort ascending" to sort your view from A to Z.

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