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This week's tutorial was requested by a student in our Drupal forum. They wanted to know how to add a slideshow to their Drupal site.

We recommend a module called Content Glider which allows you to show a slideshow in a block.

Installing Content Glider to Your Drupal Site

  • Step 1: Visit http://drupal.org/project/content_glider to download the latest version of "Content Glider".
  • Step 2: Extract the files into a folders on your desktop. The folder will be called "content_glider".
  • Step 3: Login to your site's files via FTP and navigate to /sites/all/. If there isn't a folder called /modules/ here, create one.
  • Step 4: Upload the "content_glider" folder to /sites/all/modules/
  • Step 5: Go to Administer >> Site building >> Modules and enable Content Glider.

Configuring Content Glider

Step 1: It's best to create a new content type for the slideshow, so we don't get mixed up with our other nodes.

  • Go to Administer >> Content Management >> Content Types
  • Click "Add Content Type" and create a type called "slideshow"

Step 2: Now we can go and configure Content Glider:

  • Go to Administer >> Site Configuration >> Content Glider
  • Put "slideshow" into the "Content type for Glider 1:" field.
  • Click "Save Configuration.

Step 3: Next, let's make Content Glider live on our site:

  • Go to Administer >> Site Building >> Blocks
  • Publish the "Content Slider 1" block onto your site.

Step 4: Finally we can create the content for the slideshow.

  • Go to Create Content >> Slideshow
  • Start adding the nodes that will appear in your slideshow ...

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