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drupal quiz moduleThe Quiz module is a sophisticated and flexible way to create quizzes in Drupal.

Quiz has many nice features such as Views integration, a jQuery-based timer, drag-and-drop ordering of questions and the ability to give weighted grades for answers.

Quiz allows you to create questions with multiple formats and has an API that allows you to add more.

To get started with Quiz, you need to install and enable the 2 core Quiz modules from http://drupal.org/project/quiz:


However, Quiz is very modular and you will need to also enable question types. The Quiz module ships with 8 question types. Without these enabled, you won't be able to create questions.


Quiz treats almost everything as question type so you'll now have 9 new content types: 1 for quizzes and 8 for different question types.

The easiest way to get started is this:

  • Go to Add Content > Quiz.
  • Enter a Title for your quiz.
  • You'll see 4 groups of options for the quizzes:
  • Taking options
  • Result comments
  • Pass/fail options
  • Availability options
  • Click Save.
  • Click the Manage Questions tab:
  • You'll now be able to create questions:
  • Here's an example of creating a multiple choice question:
  • Here's how that question will look on the site:

Here's how one quiz with 3 questions will look under the Find Content tab. The quiz and each question is it's own content item. This allows you to easily share questions between quizzes.

  • The Results tab of each quiz allows you to drill down and see the overall and individual details for each test taker:

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