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advert-full-classPanels and Display Suite are two very popular Drupal modules.

Both Panels and Display Suite allow you to control the layout of your Drupal content without any code.

Last month we did a 2 part video series with Acquia, introducing both Panels and Display Suite.

If you're new to these modules, watch the videos below to learn how to re-design your homepages, content, landing pages and much more.

Part 1: Content layout with Display Suite

The Display Suite module gives you full control to customize your content on your Drupal site. The drag-and-drop user interface provides the ability to arrange content, views, comments and user data. 

Part 2: Content layout with Panels

Panels is by far the most popular module for code-free design in Drupal used to create home pages, landing pages and more. It’s drag-and-drop interface lets you visually design a layout and place content within that layout.

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