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Drupal's search module allows your site's users to search both the content on the site and also the registered users.

In order for your users to use the search feature, you must enable it first. Let's get started.

Access Modules Page


Go to the modules page. Administer >> Site building >> Modules

Find the Search Module


Scroll down and find the "Core - optional" section.


Enable the Search module.


As the image says, save the configuration.

Check our Search



Advanced Search Configuration


Administer >> Site configuration >> Search Settings

In Search Settings you will be able to re-index your site, change indexing settings, and specify the maximum number of items to index per cron run.

You will also be able to specify which properties (i.e. Keyword relevance, Recently posted, Number of comments) about the content are more important in terms of page ranking.

Save when finished.



To modify the permissions for the Search module, go to Administer >> User management >> Permissions.

Then scroll down to the Search Module.


By default, anonymous users cannot perform searches. However you can modify it here by selecting the desired options.

Save when finished.

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