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Perhaps one of most frightening things for novice Drupal adminsitrators is finding out they forgot to set the site back to Online before logging out. In panic, they scream, "How can I get my site back Onine?! I can't even log in!!!!"

When the site is set to Off-line, there is no login at www.mysite.com, as there usually is. This is to prevent your sites users from logging in as maintenance is done. So let's quickly show how to log in.

Example of An Online Drupal Site


This is the usual situation where you can easily log into your administrator account and modify the settings to your account.

Example of An Off-line Drupal Site


If you are reading this tutorial, you are likely faced with this situation...no login. Do not panic! There is a simple solution!



Just type, ?q=user after your site's root url, e.g. www.mysitesurl.com/?q=user, and this will get you to the hidden login page.

Access Site Maintenance Section


Go to the Site Maintenance Section by clicking on Operating in off-line mode

Set to Online


Pretty simple here. Just set it to Online and save.

Mission Accomplished


You can check your site now and see that it is back online!

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