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Video: Train Your Staff for Drupal 8

In mid-January we held a webinar with Acquia, explaining how to train your team on Drupal 8.

This was an interesting webinar to run because it ended up being pretty different from our planning. 

First, we were able to make a very cool surprise announcement. Watch to the end of the webinar for the big reveal.

Second when scheduling the webinar, we intended to explain many of Drupal 8 training resources available. However, by mid-January, many contributed Drupal 8 modules didn't have stable releases and so most D8 training wasn't ready. So, in the webinar, we explained when Drupal 8 training would be available.

From the webinar, here's an overview of when several important modules will be stable:

  • Calendar: Next release on January 25. Aiming for a stable release in Q1.
  • Views Slideshow: Alpha release.
  • Webform: No release. Possibly replaced by Contact in core.
  • Rules: Pre-release. Funded by Acquia and aiming for a February release.
  • Media: Lots of sprints and the goal is a Q1 release.
  • Workbench: A Beta version due on January 25.
  • Pathauto: Aiming for a stable release on February 15.
  • Token: Aiming for a stable release in Q1.
  • Search API: Aiming for a stable release on March 7.
  • Scheduler: Aiming for a stable release on January 27.
  • Panels: Beta. Aiming for a stable release on February 16.
  • Panelizer: In progress. Aiming for a stable release on February 16.
  • Display Suite: Ready!
  • Context: Possibly replaced by the Block Visibility Groups module.

Here's a link to our current Drupal 8 training plans. We aim to create the best and most comprehensive D8 training anywhere.

And finally, here's a video of the webinar:


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Steve is the founder of OSTraining. Originally from the UK, he now lives in Sarasota in the USA. Steve's work straddles the line between teaching and web development.