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Back in August 2013, we wrote a post called, "The Bootstrap Boom is Just Getting Started".

At that time, we estimated that Bootstrap powered between 1.5% and 3% of the web.

2 years later, I decided to check in on Bootstrap. How popular is the framework now? Did the Bootstrap boom continue, or has it bust?

The screenshot below is of Builtwith.com's stats from mid-2013. You can see that Bootstrap's usage was between 1.6% and 2.8%, depending on how which measurement you used:

Love it or Hate it, Bootstrap is Winning the Web

This next screenshot shows today's stats from BuiltWith.com. Bootstrap is between 3 and 5 times more popular than it was in mid-2013. Close to 10% of all websites are using Bootstrap!

Next, I used Google Trends to estimate the popularity of searches for Bootstrap.

Bootstrap was open sourced in August 2011. You can searches start to increase almost immediately and they've continued climbing ever since:

Just in case you think these searches might be related to actual boots, here's what Google shows as related searches:

In the WordPress world, the number of themes using Bootstrap has exploded:

  • I looked in January 2013 and only found 8 WordPress themes using Bootstrap.
  • In mid-2013, there were 30 themes on WordPress.org that support Bootstrap.
  • Today, the WordPress Theme Directory has 221 Bootstrap-based themes. That's 11% of all their themes.

Beyond WordPress, other popular platforms use Bootstrap in a big way:

  • Joomla 3 uses Bootstrap in the core.
  • The third most popular theme on Drupal.org is "Bootstrap". Many of the biggest Drupal sites, including NASA, use Bootstrap. There are even suggestions that Drupal should add Bootstrap to the core, as Joomla did.
  • Themeforest lists 19,645 designs and an incredible 34% of those refer to using Bootstrap.


I was genuinely shocked to see how far Bootstrap's popularity has grown.

Bootstrap is becoming the design version of PHP.

Both offer easy experiences for newcomers, when compared to the alternatives.

Both are widely mocked by purists.

Both are winning absolutely massive market share.

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