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| WordPress

Everyone is concerned about the speed of their website for at least two important reasons:

  • Search engines now take page speed into account when ranking.
  • People are increasingly using mobile phones and slow pages become even slower on phones.

One way to make your WordPress site run faster is with cache. WP Super Cache is just about the best cache plugin around.

This tutorial is a brief introduction to WP Super Cache that will help install and use the plugin.

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K2K2 is a really powerful way to manage your Joomla content.

Normal Joomla articles give you a title and body. In contrast, K2 allows you to add videos, image galleries, fields, files, multiple authors and much more.

This week we've launched a new class on K2. For this class, we've worked with the K2 team to arrange something special:

  • This class will be 100% free to both members and guests on OSTraining.com.
  • Thie class will also be 100% free on the official K2 site at Getk2.org. Our aim is to help the K2 team with their documentation for beginners.

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| Drupal

DrushDrush is a great tool for quickly managing routine tasks with a Drupal installation.

Drush allows you to search the drupal.org site, install Drupal, install modules, enable modules and much more.

This is going to be a tutorial aimed at Drush beginners. We'll explain how to install Drush, how to use it and how to perform some common tasks.

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| Drupal

Page Title is a very simple, yet very important module when it comes to SEO on your Drupal site. This module gives you granular control over your meta titles.

Although Nodewords was the preferred option in Drupal 6, it didn't make the leap to Drupal 7 became the Meta Tags module in Drupal 7. The Page Title module is one of the options now available for Drupal 7.

The meta title is found in your HTML head code and is surrounded by <title> tags. The meta title appears in the browser bar when people are viewing the page. It also appears on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), and a well written title can greatly increase the number of people who click through to your site.

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| General

Incapsula logoIncapsula is one of those companies whose product is useful but also hard to explain.

The short version is that your site traffic goes through Incapsula's own servers, where it is highly optimized.

Here's the longer version: You make a simple DNS settings change on your site. Your site traffic is then routed through Incapsula’s global network of high-powered servers. Incoming traffic is analyzed and a security layer is added to block a wide-range of threats. Outgoing traffic is optimized for faster load times.

Here's a graphical explanation of what Incapsula does:

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Drupal Global Training Days is an initiative by the Drupal Association (D.A.) to introduce new and beginning users to Drupal.

Four times every year, the D.A. partners with training companies to hold free and low cost training events. The next Drupal Global Training Day is on Friday.

OSTraining is taking part. On Friday, everyone will be able to use our videos and support. Here's how you can join in:

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| Drupal

One of our students is using Drupal's Webform module for their site's contact form.

They asked if it was possible to send submissions to different e-mail addresses based on a choice made in the form. The student wanted to send different submissions to different departments in the company.

Yes, it is possible and we're going to show you how.

Before we start, here are two useful links:

7-day-trialHi Everyone,

Thanks for giving us a few moments of your time each week.

In return, we've been working really hard to make OSTraining membership a great experience.

In the last month alone we've added six new training classes:

  1. Drupal Display Suite
  2. Drupal Simplenews
  3. Drupal Organic Groups
  4. WordPress Intermediate
  5. Joomla Multi-lingual Sites
  6. Joomla Security

With these new additions, you can now enjoy over 760 Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and Coding sessions at OSTraining.

Time to stop? Absolutely not. We're hard at work creating many more classes for our members including: Joomla K2, Joomla coding, Drupal Views, Drupal theming and WordPress theming.

It's time to let as many people as possible experience our training and support.

During the trial, you can watch as many videos as you like and ask as many questions as you like in the support forum.

Why are we doing this 100% free? Because we think you'll love it. Even if you don't stay as a member after the 7 days, you'll be impressed enough to tell a friend.

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| Drupal

It happens to all of us ... we lose our password.

Actually recovering your original password in Drupal 7 is not possible, but resetting one is possible and we're going to show you how to do it.

Your first step should be to try and reset your password by adding this to your site's URL: /user/password/. If that doesn't work or if you don't know the email for the account, then you can use this tutorial.

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Drupal Display SuiteLast week we launched our class on the Organic Groups module, which explains how to build a social networking site in Drupal.

This week we launch our class on the Display Suite module.

We've used Panels in our classroom training for years, but it's often overkill for many tasks. We do cover Panels in our Intermediate class, but Display Suite is a nice alternative.

Display Suite is a lighter, easier option that allows you to easily create custom layouts for your content.

Click here to see our class on Display Suite.

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| Drupal

One of the most common complaints we get from newcomers to Drupal is that easy, good-looking themes are hard to find.

There are themes which are easy to use, but typically these are not easy on the eye. There are also beautiful, but complicated theme frameworks.

So, to help our students, we've found 10 Drupal themes that meet these criteria:

| WordPress

Beginners don't need to know complex coding to manage their menus and navigation in WordPress. They just need to understand the Custom Menu feature that's part of the WordPress core. Before you will be able to use it, though, you will need a theme that supports it. Most of the customizations you would like to make are included in a well designed theme with the proper support.

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