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| Drupal
Iphone and Android

It's hard to miss the word "Responsive" when looking at Drupal themes these days.

What does it mean? "Responsive" design means that your theme is flexible enough to look good on any device. There is no need to create a separate theme or even a separate subdomain or site. One theme can look good on a large desktop, your tablet and your mobile phone.

In this tutorial we're going to use one particular example to show you how Responsive design works with Drupal sites.

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| Drupal

The User 1 account on a Drupal site has special status. This account has life and death rights on your Drupal installation and needs to be protected at all costs. If you've lost access to this account, then it is important to regain that access.

Your first step should be to try and reset your password by adding this to your site's URL: /user/password/. If that doesn't work or if you don't know the email for the account, then you can manually reset your password in the database. This tutorial will show you how to do it.

Click here for this tutorial in Drupal 7.

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| WordPress

Android and iPhoneThe phrase "Responsive Web Design" isn't even two years old, but it's hard to read web design articles these days without hearing it mentioned.

What is it and how does it impact WordPress? Responsive design means that your theme is flexible enough to look good on any device. There is no need to create a separate theme or even a separate subdomain or site. One theme can look good on a large desktop, your tablet and your mobile phone.

In this blog post we'll show you a selection of 10 great responsive WordPress themes to wet your appetite.

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UPDATE: Firebug is not supported anymore. Please try Dev Tools in Firefox, or Developer Tools in Chrome instead.

As templates and themes become more complicated, it can also become more difficult to find and replace images. The most likely image you'll want to replace is the logo.

We're going to show you a technique to find and replace logos. Though the technique requires a few steps, it should help you track down almost any image you need to find.

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Joomla 2.5Joomla 2.5 was released today and the slogan for it is "Extra Features! Easy Updates!" Both are true.

Updates: If you're using Joomla 1.7, it is a one-click update to 2.5. All your extensions and template will work with the new version. Also, you'll need see an icon when you first login and this will do what WordPress does and warn you and any updates to Joomla or your installed extensions.

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| Web Design

fireshotFireshot is a very useful Firefox plugin that allows you capture screenshots. Not only does Fireshot take the screenshot, but it also allows you to edit the image or email, print and upload it directly to Facebook, Flickr and other sites.

To be able take screenshots with FireShot, you'll need two things:

Google Against SOPA

It's been hard to go online this week and not encounter protests against the SOPA and PIPA laws which the U.S. Congress has been considering.

There was a huge amount of pushback from online organizations, and open source projects led the way. Here's how some of the biggest reacted:

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2012 is here, our 2nd birthday is approaching in a couple of weeks. It is time for some thank yous. A lot of thank yous.

OSTraining is a new business that has been a long time in making. I used to work full-time as a teacher, doing webdesign in the evenings to pay the bills. From the beginning, the webdesign was powered by open source. My first Mambo ( Joomla ) site was in 2003. Three years later, as open source really started to become popular, the evening job was more profitable than the day job. So I went full-time with Alledia.com, where we did traditional webdesign and SEO services. But the urge to teach remained and over time the teaching side of Alledia grew until in 2010, I split it off into a separate company.

Still, at the beginning of 2011, OSTraining was just me and a large team of part-timers. A year later and we have the equivalent of 5 full-time staff members, plus an even larger team of part-time live trainers and video creators. So a big thank you to Rod, Nick, Ed, Thanh, Stacey, Tessa and everyone else who's worked with us this year.

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| Drupal

Login Destinations ModuleLogin Destination is a module that allows you to specify which page the user sees after logging in. One very common use is to redirect users to the page they were viewing before they logged in.

Login Destination is available for both Drupal 6 and 7. In this tutorial we cover D6 because that is the version used by the student who requested this tutorial. However, the only difference for D7 users will be the installation process.

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| Drupal

LoginToboggan is a module that improves the login experience in Drupal.

It has over eleven useful features including options that allow you to:

  • redirect users after they login and send them to a page of your choice.
  • allow users to use their email address or username to login.
  • combine the login and registration areas on the same page.

Here's how you use LoginToboggan:

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| Drupal

tutuploadsmedia_1326929592271.png There are many different languages available for a Drupal installation, but what if you want to have a site with more than one language? Drupal is up to the task, but it's not a trivial procedure. There are two areas that need translation.

First, you'll need to translate the interface, which includes the button texts, drop down menus, messages and other languages you use to interact with the site. Customizing the interface is fairly simple, and there are language files you can download that will help you make short work of it. Drupal developers often refer to this as localization.

Second, you'll need to translate the content. There are some modules that will make this possible, but this does require more effort than translating the interface.

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Every year now brings us a major new Joomla, Drupal or WordPress conference:

  • In 2010, the Joomla community created a European conference called JandBeyond.
  • In 2011, WordPress launched their first international conference called WordCamp San Francisco.
  • In 2012, Joomla will debut the Joomla World Conference in California.
  • In 2013, Drupal has plans to launch a DrupalCon in South America.

In total, this year there will be six major Joomla, Drupal and WordPress conferences. We aim to send OSTraining team members to all of these events, and we'd love to meet you there. Whether it's WordPress and Joomla on the Pacific, Drupal in the Rocky Mountains or Joomla and Drupal in Germany, there's a lot of great opportunities for you to travel and learn.

Here are the six conferences, starting in March and running through to November:

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| Drupal

Do you need to check what your users see when they login to your site? Do you often need to troubleshoot issues for your users? If so, the Masquerade module will be a very useful tool.

The Masquerade module allows you to login as any user but using your own password. You can mimic anyone else's login and see exactly what they see. This is very useful on membership sites and sites that require multiple levels of access.

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