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surveyEvery year, we ask you for your opinion about OSTraining.

We ask for your feedback on 3 things:

  1. What we're doing right at OSTraining.
  2. What we can do better.
  3. What new features and classes you'd like to see.

We value your opinion, but also your time.

Thanks to all who took the survey. It's now closed for this year.


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Drupal Workbench ModuleWe're pleased to launch our 13th full Drupal class: Workbench.

Workbench is a whole suite of modules that introduces improvements to the way content is managed in Drupal.

Workbench provides a single user interface for users who only need to work with content. It adds usability improvements so that there's no need to "learn Drupal". It allows you to set editor permissions based on your organization's structure, not your website's.

Workbench allows you to create many different editorial workflows. For example, you can allow users to create content, but not publish it. You could also allow some other users to review content and decide whether it needs an additional revision, or that it is ready to be published.

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| General


Managing a large number of sites is never fun.

Everyday it takes time to check for updates, time to apply them and time to check for any problems.

A partner of OSTraining, Admincredible, is working to save you that time. Admincredible provides one dashboard to manage updates for all your Joomla 2.5 and 3 sites.

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wordpress updateWordPress 3.5 is due to arrive today, December 5th.

3.5 is a fairly major update that's designed to provide new features.

There are currently no known security problems fixed by this release, so updating is recommended but not essential.

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drupalcamp-ohioRod Martin, our Director of Online Training, is going back to Ohio this week.

OK, it's only 20 minutes from where he lives, but Rod's excited to go ... he'll be presenting again at DrupalCamp Ohio. 

Last year he spoke for an hour in a presentation called the Absolute Beginners Guide to Drupal (ABGD). 

This year, Rod was invited back to present the ABGD again, only this year the presentation is longer. Rod will be teaching for 2 1/2 hours.

DrupalCamp Ohio starts on Friday. Click here for details of Rod's presentation and click here to sign up for DrupalCamp Ohio.

drupal-globalFour times every year, the Drupal Association runs a Global Drupal Training Day.

The goal of the event is to teach as many people as possible to use Drupal.

We take part in every Global Drupal Training Day, and it's going to be held again on December 14th.

For the December event, we're giving away free Drupal training and also holding a 1 day, online training session.

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| General

nakedThe best website is a naked website.

A naked website is a website with no add-ons.

A naked website has no plugins, no extensions, no modules and no large frameworks.

Most people start using WordPress, Joomla and Drupal and see the thousands of available add-ons as a huge selling point. They're wrong.

If you build a naked site, you'll have a website that's faster, cheaper, safer and easier.

Here are 7 reasons why you should consider building your WordPress, Joomla and Drupal with only the core features:

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| Drupal

We've had a few members start to test Drupal 8 and several ran into a problem during the installation.

Basically their hosting service is out-of-date or incorrectly set up. During the installation they get an error message saying that something called "Magic Quotes" isn't supported.

Here's an explanation of that problem and how you can fix it.

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| Drupal

It's fairly common to replace the title field in Drupal.

There are many possible reasons to replace the title, but most of them come down to this ... the title field is not very flexible.

To take just one example, imagine that you're adding a directory of your staff members to your site. Presumably, you'd like the person's name to be the title of each page. However, because the title field only consists of a text field with 255 characters, you can't have close control over what people enter. The solution is to replace the default title with specific "First Name" and "Last Name" fields.

So, here's how to automatically generate titles in Drupal 7.

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jwcThis week our whole team is flying to California for the first ever Joomla World Conference.

The conference is being held in Silicon Valley, and is hosted by eBay, one of the world's biggest Joomla users.

All our teachers and support staff will be there. It'll be a great chance to hang out, learn, drink, and have some fun in the California sun.

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| Drupal News

drupal-updateDrupal 7.17 was released this week.

As Drupal 7.16 was released only last month, Drupal 7.17 is a collection of bug fixes that have accumulated since then. There are no security fixes in this version. Because of this, upgrading immediately is recommended but not essential.

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| General

should-I-updateAll software users have struggled with this question at some point:

"Should I go through the hassle of updating to the latest release, or should I take a risk and keep using an old version?"

 We get this question frequently from our Joomla and Drupal users. To help them work out what to do, here's our guide to using unsupported software.

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| Drupal

media_1351720011109.pngMost of us are used to having a spellchecker when we type. If we use Microsoft Word, Google Docs and most other writing tools, you're used to seeing a red line under your spelling mistakes.

If you'd like to add a similar spellchecker to your Drupal WYSIWYG editor, here's how to do it ...

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Before the end of 2012, there will be over 1000 training sessions on OSTraining.com.

Even with that much training, I'm sure there are extra classes you'd like to have added:

  • Perhaps you'd like a Joomla class on Virtuemart or Hikashop?
  • Perhaps you'd like a Drupal class on subscription sites or the Omega theme?
  • Perhaps you'd like a WordPress class on SEO or responsive design.
  • Perhaps you'd like a coding class on Javascript or HTML5?

With the launch of our new site, we now have an OSTraining Ideas area. You can suggest and vote for the classes that you'd like to see added to OSTraining.

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