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| Joomla
What to Know About the Joomla Administrator Certification Exam

Did you know that the Joomla project now offers certification exams?

I took one of the exams at JoomlaDay Tampa last month and want to help you understand more about what's involved.

For useful background details about the Joomla! certification project, check out this interview with Joomla certification team. Today, I'm going to share my personal experience with the first available exam, the Joomla! Administrator Exam. This test covers all the knowledge that a skilled Joomla! website administrator should have.

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| Sponsored
Top Website Builders for Freelancers and Web-Studios

With so many web building options available out there nowadays, choosing the solution that can provide ultimate value for your business goals and your website in general seems to be a challenge for the majority of web developers.

The choice of the most suitable option, however, depends upon lots of aspects, including the complexity and purpose of the project, the business goals your client sets for you, functionality requirements, usability, main features etc.

In this respect, WordPress seems to be a top choice for web studios and freelance web designers. It goes without saying that WordPress is a great and flexible website management system that allows choosing and customizing a wide range of free and premium pre-made templates.

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| Joomla

There are two features in Joomla that allow you to easily place modules directly inside articles:

  • loadposition allows you to publish all the modules in a particular position.
  • loadmodule allows you to publish just one particular module.

One of our students was using these features to create a layout but wasn't happy with how it looked inside his article. He wanted more control.

This tutorial will show you how to place modules inside your article with more style. Here's what we're going to do:

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Magento 2 Videos and Building on Accidental YouTube Success

18 months ago, the OSTraining YouTube channel was a sleepy place.

Then we ran a little Kickstarter project and accidentally ended up with over 1 million views. We thought the videos would help some people learn Drupal 8. We had no idea the videos would go viral. That surprise success led to partnerships with GoDaddy, InMotion Hosting and other companies. 

Here's a chart showing views for videos on our YouTube channel. You can see a very sharp increase in late 2015, when the Drupal 8 Beginner class arrived.

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| WordPress
How to Disable Comments on WordPress Posts

One common problem facing WordPress users is the amount of spam comments.

There are some spam-fighting tools such as Akismet and Mollom, but some of users prefer to turn off comments entirely.

One of our students wanted to disable WordPress comments, so we created this step-by-step tutorial for him.

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drupalcon baltimore

Want to visit one of the most intriguing and underrated cities in the US?

DrupalCon Baltimore is in April, and you should come join us.

DrupalCon Baltimore is going to be one full week of Drupal with sessions, business events, education, and fun.

If you haven't been there, Baltimore is a wonderful surprise. DrupalCon is going to be downtown in the Inner Harbor district, right on the waterfront. The whole area is walkable and full of restaurants and breweries, plus museums and attractions.

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| Drupal
How to Use Pathauto in Drupal 8

Many modules have been in flux during the early stages of Drupal 8's development.

Few modules have changed as much as Pathauto, which the vast majority of Drupal sites use to control their URLs.

In this tutorial, I'll show you the current way to use Pathauto with your Drupal 8 site.

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| Web Design
Use Gzip to Speed Up WordPress, Drupal or Joomla

Gzip compression is an effective way to save bandwidth and speed up your site. Set it once and reap the reward of substantially increased speed of your webpages for the time of its life.

Your website speed is an important factor that impacts every aspect of your website, including user experience, purchases, shares, and search engine ranking.

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| Joomla

Where-Do-I-Edit-Content-in-JoomlaOne common problem we see with CMS sites is that new users often find it hard to understand where to edit content.

In most CMSs, content can be stored and edited in many different places.

So, we've created this guide for new Joomla users. We hope it will help you find and edit content, even on complex sites.

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How to Develop Joomla Components. Part 1: the Administrator

For quite some time, Joomla development has been the most requested topic by OSTraining members.

I'm delighted to release another in a series of several Joomla development classes. We've worked with Cory Webb, a Joomla developer since 2005, to produce a series of classes on building Joomla extensions.

This new class is called "How to Develop Joomla Components. Part 1: the Administrator". These videos follow on from "How to Develop Joomla Modules" and "How to Develop Joomla Plugins". 

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The Absolute Beginners Guide to Podcasting

We're delighted to say that our A-to-Z course on Podcasting is now live for OSTraining members.

Podcasting is exploding in popularity and can be a great way to drive awareness and revenue for your business.

The Podcasting pathway consists of over 50 videos that cover preparation, equipment, production, editing and publishing your podcast. This really is the best guide to podcasting you'll find anywhere.

The class is taught by Jeff Large, who has hosted several successful podcasts for himself, and for clients. Watch these videos, follow along with Jeff, and you'll get an easy-to-understand introduction to every aspect of running a podcast. You'll learn about the best format your podcast and the best equipment to use. You'll see how to use the open source Audacity software for editing your podcast. And, you'll learn about how to publish your podcast using open source tools.

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How to Add a Simple Magento 2 Product

If you're brand new to Magento 2, it's not always easy to understand how to add new products.

Before adding products, you need some knowledge about Magento in general, including attribute sets, and tax classes. You also need to understand what happens after adding your product, in order to ensure it goes live on your site.

In this video from OSTraining's YouTube Channel, Rebecca Troth shows you everything you need to think about, from attribute sets to indexing:

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3 out of 4 members use OSTraining at least once a week. You can build great websites. We can help.   Plans from $4 per month