The OSTraining Affiliate Program

The OSTraining affiliate program is here to make you money. If you send people to OSTraining, we'll reward you with 30-50% of all the resulting sales..

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How does the affiliate system work?

shareasale logoWe use to host our affiliate program. Shareasale are one of the oldest, largest and most reliable affiliate networks around. To join the OSTraining affiliate program, you will need an account with

What banners and materials do you provide?

When you Shareasale, you’ll be presented with an easy-to-use interface to view your reports. You'll also get to choose your links and banners. Here's an example banner:


We also have a YouTube channel that is rich in sample training content. As an affiliate you're welcome to use any of the YouTube videos.

Do you accept all affiliates?

No. In order to maintain high standards and avoid fraud, we don't accept every application. Please apply with a site that is related to web design. We do not accept coupon code sites.

How do I sign up for the OSTraining affiliate program?

Click the button below to apply for the OSTraining affiliate program. We normally approve valid applications in just a few hours or days.

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