OSTraining's Team Principles

We’re a communication company that currently sells training and software.

compass principles

What does communication mean for us?

  • Clear communication. We love plain English, telling stories and speaking with clarity and personality. Our content is specific, interesting, and helpful.
  • Proactive communication. We come to teammates with problems or questions.
  • Our work reflects our values. Our work is designed to reach the widest audience.
  • Over-communication. We are busy. To communicate clearly, we must over-communicate. It’s OK to repeat yourself and talk more than feels normal.
  • Social communication. Users don’t visit our site randomly. We reach them via newsletters, YouTube, social media and give them a reason to visit.

Our customers

  1. We choose to invest more in support than other companies. We want our customers to see a clear difference in the quality of the support.
  2. Everyone on our team does support.
  3. Everyone we serve has the potential to become a customer and should be treated with the same respect.

Our excellence

  1. We learn. If you have the same skills as last year, we’re doing it wrong.
  2. We are not afraid of arguments. Silence is dangerous. Principled disagreement is good. We listen carefully, but are not afraid to argue and disagree.
  3. We pay very close attention to detail.

Our industry

  1. We are curious and well-read about the companies and organizations in our industry.
  2. We cultivate friends and partners in our industry.
  3. We try hard to understand and adapt. Our principles are more important than the specific technology we’re using at any given time.


  1. Family comes first. We always put our family before your work.
  2. 365 days of work is a bad idea. 7 days of work is a bad idea. Rest often.
  3. We work flexible hours and use that power wisely. It’s hard to collaborate across time zones. We co-ordinate and communicate with the team about our hours.