OSDonate is a Paypal Donate Button but Joomla 1, 2 and 3. It is packed with features and also simple to use.


We do offer support for OSDonate to our members. Here's how to get support:

  • Click here to sign up for a plan.
  • Post your questions in the OSDonate support forum.
  • Details

    • Integrates with Paypal
    • Hovers/Floats on page while scrolling! (Optional)
    • Adjustable distances from edge of screen
    • Inserts within Article (Optional)
    • Customizable intro text (Optional)
    • Success return page
    • Cancel return page
    • Company logo within Paypal's Donation Form
    • Customizable Paypal description within Paypal's Donation Form
    • Standard or adjustable donation amount
    • Currency selector
    • Affiliate Program (Optional)
    • Display powered by OSTraining which links to your OSTraining Affiliate ID
    • Use Weblinks for the affiliate link
    • Full language file for easy translation