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Move a Joomla Site from Test Directory to Live

This tutorial will show you how to move a Joomla site from one directory to another using CPanel. One common reason for doing this is to move Joomla from a test folder and make it live. Joomla 1.5 makes this process very easy.

Login into your CPanel


Often you can access your CPanel just by adding /cpanel to your domain name ...

Access the File Manager


Although your screen may not look 100% identical to the one above, every version of Cpanel does come with a "File Manger" option somewhere.

Choose to Go to the Webroot


Open Your Test Folder


Select All the Files


Click on Move File


Move to /public_html/


Check Your Site


Visit the front of your site in its new location and verify that everything is working correctly.

Login to Your Joomla Site Administrator


Go to Site >> Global Configuration


Change Path to Log folder


Change that setting to remove your /test/ folder

Change Path to Temp-folder


Change that setting to remove your /test/ folder. Click "Save" in the top-right corner.


Start a FREE 7 day trial! Get training videos and books, plus expert support:  


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