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Where to Get Joomla 3 Templates

Joomla 3 has only been out for 3 weeks.

Even after such a short time, it's really encouraging to see many designers jumping onto the Joomla 3 bandwagon.

We found that many template companies are Joomla 3 ready. Those who aren't ready yet tend to have more complex frameworks and need a little longer to be ready.

If you want to start using Joomla 3 today, here are some places to look for designs.

If you're using Joomla 2.5, check out our list of great mobile-ready templates for 2.5.


Yootheme did a wonderful job of getting ready quickly. They have 19 templates ready for Joomla 3 and have also updated all of their major extensions.


Joostrap was started to sell nothing but responsive, mobile-friendly template. All Joostrap templates work with Joomla 3.


Joomlashack have almost 30 themes ready for Joomla 3.


Joomlashine have updated their latest 3 templates for Joomla 3.




PixelsParadise have their latest 7 templates ready for Joomla 3.


JoomlaPlates made sure their latest 2 templates work with Joomla 3.


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